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It’s been an eventful week in #LawTech around the globe, from Nairobi, all the way to France. Bonjour!

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Licensing of Content Service Providers

Locally, President Kenyatta announced plans to create a central repository for content service providers requiring all CSPs to register for licensing in order to collect revenues from digital platforms.

This could mean that, artists benefiting from platforms such as Skiza and Viusasa will be able to collect revenue in the form of royalties from either, a licensed Content Service Provider or directly from the telco hosting the service.

Elsewhere in Intellectual Property, the Lawyers Hub was fortunate enough to form part of the stakeholder team at the Kenya Copyright Board and World Intellectual Property Organisations (WIPO) Workshop on Intellectual Property for Mobile Apps.

The workshop was crucial to the Hub as it helped us better understand the state of IP for mobile apps in Kenya and the legal needs of developers, more on this soon.

EU Court considers 5 year ban of facial regulation in public spaces

What do you do when the law is struggling to catch up with technology? Well it's simple, you put technology on pause.

The European Union announced plans for a 5 year ban on facial recognition in public spaces in a white paper published by its executive arm.

The move comes following rising concerns on the data protection and privacy implications of the technology.

According to Reuters, the ban seeks to allow time for much needed research for the development of an ethical regulatory framework on the use of facial recognition.

Malware discovered in US funded Android Phones

The concept of ‘free’ mobile phone and mobile apps is not foreign. In the US, ther Lifetime Assistant Program, a project of the Us- Government has been distributing free smartphones to low income households for years!

In the Global South, social media platforms such as Facebook have rolled out ‘free basics’ versions of their apps that offer limited features thus subsidizing consumer spending on their services.

At what cost?

According to security researchers, the US Government issued phones come with preinstalled Chinese malware that opens up private data to potential misuse.

The flagged tools are capable of auto installing apps without user consent and accessing user phone settings. Yikes.

Not all of us can relate though, the discovery is however, particularly interesting when looking at the Kenyan government's history of procuring election kits and other equipment for registration procedures such as the Huduma Numba.

French government keeps pushing for tax on internet heavyweights

The French government earlier this week maintained its stance on its controversial new tax that seeks to impose a tax on tech giants such as Google, Facebook and Amazon.

In a statement to Guardian, French Junior Minister for Digital Affairs (must be nice) stated the countries plans to go ahead with the tax despite the US’ threats to retaliate with tariffs of up to 100% on French imports.

If implemented, France could become the first major economy to impose a tax on internet heavyweights. Read more here.

Going into next week, the Lawyers Hub will be hosting two events.

The Data Protection Act & GDPR Training will be hosted at the Lawyers Hub on Wednesday 22 and will explore the opportunities available for Kenyan Lawyers with regard to the stated laws. The event attracts 1 CPD point.

Registration and payment details are below. 

And for our Ugandan lawyers, Ki Kati! We will be in Kampala for our first pre event going into Africa Law Tech Festival season!

Register below if you would like to attend.

That pretty much sums it up!

See you next week folks!

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