Picture this, it’s Friday night, finally, you just got home, missing the rain by minutes. It’s been a long week and you can’t wait to unwind. But you can’t shake the feeling that something is missing. It lingers at the back of your mind.

Pacing your living room frantically, trying to figure out what it might be, you catch a glimpse of the Africa Law Tech Festival 2020 Save the Date poster from last weeks Data Protection Fireside Chat, peeking from the pile of books on your coffee table. Then it hits you, you haven’t read our ‘Week in #LawTech’ blog post.

You fire up your machine, eager as ever, quickly following the link from our Twitter (of course we posted it on Twitter.), its time to dig in.

This week, we travel first to Berlin, the city of choice for this years Internet Governance Forum (IGF), which kicked off on Monday 25th of November 2019.

The event takes place annually and is centered around political, social, technical and legal questions concerning the internet.

The theme of #IGF2019 was, One World. One Net. One Vision. The weeklong conference focused on emerging trends in LawTech and data governance in the age of Big Data, including, international approaches to cybersecurity, the future of internet governance, digital gaps in marginalized communities as well as Digital Identity trends around the world.

The forum boasted a wide array of speakers, including German Prime Minister, Angela Merkel, who officially launched the ceremony on Tuesday Morning.

She pointed out the increasing misuse of the open internet and the need to protect the internets core as “global, public good”, urging us all to rethink “the governance structures of this global network, that connects us all.”

The Lawyers Hub was well represented at the Forum by our CEO, Linda Bonyo who made her German TV Debut for DW Business where she talked about the legal challenges start ups in Africa face and the role that the Lawyers Hub plays in helping startups mitigate risk.

On Thursday evening, she formed part of the panel on Human Centric Digital Identify systems alongside representatives from Dell and Mozilla.

As an #IGF2019 Remote Hub, the Lawyers Hub streamed the proceedings live all week long from our Nairobi office, sharing our views on various topics and building discussions on the same locally.

On the ground in Nairobi, part of our team attended the Communication Authority of Kenya’s monthly Fireside Chat, themed Data Protection and Cybersecurity.

The business implications of the Data Protection Act,2019, the opportunities for employment that it presents as well as its sufficiency in regulating the use of personal data in Kenya were some of the topics tabled for discussion.

The more than able panel, which consisted of part of the team whose input was pivotal towards drafting the law, shared lots of great insights on various provisions of the Act.

Humphrey Njogu, from the Kenya Institute of Public Policy Research and Analysis (KIPPRA), acknowledged that how we process personal data has changed, this has brought with it the need to find a balance between leveraging on user data for efficient delivery of services, and maintaining data subjects right to privacy.

Mutindi Muema of Oxygene Marketing also highlighted the need for businesses to understand and implement the provisions of the Act.

Elsewhere in Data Protection, we published our Part One of a two-part series that reviews the Data Protection Acts’ implications on Know Your Customer (KYC) Regulations, all thanks to Catherine Muya. This comes less than a week after our Fireside Chat on the Data Protection Act and FinTech, co-hosted with Smile Identity. Look out for Part Two soon.

On Thursday, Sumaiyah Omar represented the Lawyers Hub at the Bandung Conference, Kenya at Starthmore Law School.

The Conference was on Reforms to the Criminal Justice on isssues of terrorism, Violence Extremism, Anti-corruption & Historical Injustices of Land and Plantation Exploration.

At Lawyers hub, we are interested at #TechForJustice, and thus this Conference provided us with a platform to innovate, investigate and Engage on how Technology can be used to ensure concrete reforms are done in the Criminal Justice reform.

We close off the week with an amazing Black Friday Deal on Lawyers Hub Membership, all in the spirit of giving, as well as our final event of the month as we usher in the festive season. This evening, we will be hosting a discussion on Maritime Arbitration Law, courtesy of the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators, Kenya (CiArb), Maria Mbeneka, CMS Daly Inamdar Advocates (CMS DI) and Kamende D.C and Co. Advocates, a conversation we are looking forward to, in light of the on-going maritime dispute between Kenya and Somalia.

Join us at our space if you can from 6:30pm to 8:30pm, we’ve got a hot cup of tea ready to keep the Nairobi cold at bay after.

 I can feel you smiling as you come to an end of this post, learning about how much goes on in the world of LawTech can be thrilling. You can now sleep soundly, knowing you’re up to speed. Let’s catch up again next week!

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