At the Lawyers Hub We have extensive experience in the practice of digital policy and the analysis of regulatory landscapes. We address multiple legislative and regulatory issues at the national, regional and international scopes. We have championed policy work across Africa, with specific focus in countries including in Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Rwanda, South Africa and  Nigeria. 

The Lawyers Hub has focused on emerging legal and technology matters in Africa such as Digital Taxation, Internet Governance, Intellectual Property, Data Protection, Digital Identity and Artificial Intelligence, making us well-suited and eligible for cutting edge advocacy work. 

Our practice has the following areas:

  • Regulatory Advocacy, which includes efforts to affect the rule making and interpretation processes

  • Policy Due Diligence involving an analysis and study to identify risks and changes in specific sectors from emerging technologies. 

  • Policy Advisories on proposed laws and regulations in Kenya and across the African continent

  • Periodic customized legal updates on laws and policies that enable private and public entities to stay up to date on international relations and affairs affecting the clients and their businesses.

  • Public Awareness Creation including efforts to inform, clarify and articulate decisions of government across the African continent

Since 2020 when the COVID-19 Pandemic began to date, the Lawyers Hub has hosted more than 110 bi-weekly webinars discussing digital policy in digital rights and digital economy and published more than 50 open-source video and written resources accessible to all. Some of our work has included:

  • Lodging written policy submissions and memoranda with the Parliament and Senate in Kenya such as:

    • Kenya’s CBK Amendment Bill submissions, 

    • Start-up Bill submissions, 

    • Political Parties (Amendment) Bill submissions

    • Copyright (Amendment) Bill submissions

    • Data Protection Regulations submissions

  • Convening policy hackathons across Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Rwanda and Nigeria for stakeholders to co-create on the COVID-19 Response Bills in order to offer innovative policy solutions to the global pandemic 

  • Drafting the Digital Rights and Safety Toolkit in partnership with HIVOS

  • Drafting the National Legislative Framework for Intellectual Property Commercialisation in collaboration with the Kenya National Innovation Agency (KENIA)

  • Convening Public policy discussions targeting stakeholders across the African continent on emerging matters such as:

    • Credit Information Sharing

    • Community Networks and the building of the capacity of legal professionals

    • The Gig Economy

    • Taxing the Digital Economy

    • Artificial Intelligence, Ethics and Law

    • Legal Tech Start-up policy supporting Innovation across Africa

    • Digital Identity including the case of Huduma Namba in Kenya

    • The AU draft interoperable digital ID Framework for Africa


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