Athena Morgan is a passionate and self-driven lawyer. She is passionate about law and technology. More so, the merger of law and technology to create safe online spaces that ensure self-expression as well as freedom from any forms of exploitation. Athena believes in responsible digital citizenship, technology for social justice and inclusivity. She is the founder and Co-director of Digispace Safety LTC, a consultancy aimed at raising awareness and offering legal tech advice to individuals and institutions on online safety practices, legal, mental health, and investigative services. She has consulted for the African Advanced Level Telecommunication Institute (AFRALTI) and the Communications Authority (CA) as the Lead for the Child Online Protection (COP) project.

She offers legal tech advice to the Internet Society Kenya Chapter and the Kijiji Yetu Initiative on online best practices and legal provisions. She is also working with the International Centre for Missing and Exploited Children (ICMEC) as their African Liaison officer. There, she is helping coordinate policy round tables in different African countries to assess the robustness of the local laws to protect children against online sexual exploitation and different forms of abuse. Athena has experience working with both local and international organisations in the internet governance and safety space. Athena loves reading, nature walks, music and mentoring young ladies in her free time.


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