Susan Obunga Otieno is an advocate of the High court of Kenya, experienced in the law practice industry; skilled in legal advice, legal research and public speaking. A motivated and adaptable professional currently focusing on Intellectual property,  AI and digital rights. After 2 years as head of litigation at Wasuna and Co. advocates, Ms. Otieno transitioned to Intellectual property in 2017 and became a legal advisor for PICHA; an afro-centric stock photography platform that celebrates positive representations of black and brown communities across the world.

This then led to a curiosity on data and e-commerce platforms which grew into a keen interest in technology. Ms. Otieno has given various presentations and moderated workshops at the United States International University (USIU) - Africa on the EU GDPR and the Kenyan Data Protection Act, 2019. As well as played an advisory role at MOOKH; a social e-commerce platform that allows sellers to quickly and easily set up online stores with installed payment integration. Ms. Otieno speaks three languages and has an affinity for linguistics, She is learning French and has aspirations of becoming a polyglot.


Bishop Road First Ngong Ave, Nairobi, Kenya


Phone: +254 784 840 228 /
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